Company profile

Progetto Design is a design studio, providing professional services to the client.

Progetto Design has an established history, with experience in various aspects of building design and interior design, providing all manner of design services on an extensive variety of projects.

Progetto Design has accumulated experience ranging from residential, commercial, corporate, hotels, warehouses, retail and restaurants. We aim to help our clients to gain the best solution and have proven this form our principal clients who continue to engage us to work on given projects.

Progetto Design takes on board the information given by the client/stakeholder(s) to ensure that the project fulfills the aesthetic, function and budget criteria, whilst reflecting the design brief.

Progetto Design understands the importance of meeting requirements as efficiency is a prime concern. We are focused on high quality outcomes and set mile stones and targets to meet the projects needs.

Progetto Design’s approach is to understand the objectives of the brief and to work closely with client/stakeholder(s) to identify the key deliverables, issues and ‘want list’ and to recommend and present the best possible solution.

Progetto Design aims for a creative, sensitive and functional outcome when designing for each individual project. We like to encourage our clients to ‘think outside the square’ and present all possible creative approaches to ensure the client aware of all possibilities.

Progetto Design are knowledgeable in the areas of conceptual design, design development, design documentation, liaising with clients, budget costing, up to date with the latest materials and finishes.

Our staff is encouraged to approach each project with an open mind rather than going with standard design solutions. We understand that what may have worked successfully on one project may not necessarily be the most appropriate solution for the next, therefore design options are generally considered for each project, with life cycle costings on the options performed where appropriate.

We are a dedicated group of qualified Designers who have extensive knowledge and experience on all aspects of design and construction.